In the majority of cases all ridge caps should be taken off and put back on with new bedding.Once this process is done we then point the new bedding with Flexible pointing.
Flexible pointing is available in a wide range of colours to match your existing roof.
For an obligation free quote please contact Scott via Phone or Email and we can provide a no fuss quote.
Email:[email protected]
Installing roof tiles
We have access to a number of tile suppliers across South Australia.Both new and used.All roofs laid in accordance with trade best practise and Australian Standards.
Scotts roofing provides a no fuss service.
We can do any repairs required to give our customers peace of mind
and satisfaction.Why not take the time to give Scott a call for a no obligation
roof report before spending thousands of dollars on a restoration job that may not be needed.

Dangerous Goods Sheds
We cater for all your needs be it Flammable liquids, Waste Oil,AdBlue,Chemical storage,Acid storage.
We can supply and instal the Transportable Shade Shed range of products.From domestic to commercial.
Fully Licensed and insured.
New Products
Site Office
Site offices available 6m X 3m assorted designs.
Call or email with your requirements for a professional and comprehensive quote. 
Also shade for your animals and children.Our team is always looking for new products to suit the needs of all Australians.